Notification for intention to contract award


Notification for intention to contract award of Consultancy Services for Surveying, Quantity Estimation of Work Done in the Site and Determination of Work Progress and Design Percentage of Almar Irrigation Project as Per Work Done in the Site, MEW/015/NCB/QCBS

Date: 16-Jul-2020




Dear Consultants,

 Please be informed that the procurement process for the subject assignment has been finalized and National Water Affairs Regulation Authority(NWARA) (Former MEW) intends to enter into a contract with the successful consultant, namely:( M/S  SEPA Engineering and  Consulting Co. in Association with Hary Alpha Construction Engineering Co.) who obtained the highest combined Technical and Financial score at total value of   28,830,233 AFN inclusive of  all the project related taxes including BRT Tax, all remuneration taxes, income resident and non-resident taxes.

It is hereby informed that any consultant who wants debriefing on any issue related to this procurement process may request in writing within 7 days of the receipt of this email to NWARA at the email addresses provided below. NWARA shall try to immediately provide a written response to all such requests.

 Email Address for making Request for Debriefing:



 We take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the procurement process and would like to have your further participation in the future projects.

 Best Regard

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